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There are also two types of Points Method

1. Simple – Is a single scoring system. You only need to select the number of points to be awarded for that Attribute.

2. Calculated from Input – Creating a complex point, which can be linked to an opportunity, account etc. It will also allow the option to multiply, subtract, divide and add to the field name selected.


Tip: The Attribute name should reflect what you are measuring. An Attribute cannot be set as Inactive, however, it can be deleted.


Create a Simple Attribute:

  1. Navigate to ‘RDS Challenges’ Tab
  2. Select Challenge that needs Attributes.
  3. Click on the ‘Edit’ button
  4. ‘Add Row’ and Click on ‘New Attribute’
  5. Enter an Attribute Name (e.g ‘Blog’ for every blog post employees get approved)
  6. Define a Points Method (e.g Simple or Calculated from Input )
  7. Enter Challenge Points (e.g ‘ 7’ )
  8. Click on the ‘Save’ button


Example of Simple Points Method layout


Create a Calculated from input Attribute:

  1. Navigate to ‘RDS Challenges’ Tab
  2. Select the ‘New’ button to create a New Challenge or select Challenge awaiting attributes
  3. ‘Add Row’ and Start typing name of Attribute into the box (The name you type in will be the name of the Attribute) and then select ‘New Attribute’
  4. Enter an Attribute Name (e.g Sales Opportunity)
  5. Define a Points Method (e.g Calculated from Input )
  6. Enter Challenge Points (e.g below shows multiple points given in between certain amounts and a multiplier for the closing date)
  7. Click on the “Save” button

Tip: Next to Attribute, you can Remove or Edit.



Adding Existing Attributes to a Challenge:

When adding existing attributes to a challenge you need to ensure that you edit the attribute to add the points.

Tip: You will not need to edit attributes freshly added to the challenge you are creating. Only applies to attributes created outside this challenge.


Example of view before the edit


Example of view after the edit

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