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RDS Challenge is a tool to drive an outcome from a group of Users. The Challenge provides the environment to motivate participating users (Challengers) and compare rankings between users. Rankings will be displayed in table format also known as the ‘Hall Of Fame’.

RIO DriveSuccess offers the ability to create two options for the Recurring Type in a Challenge.

One-Off – A One Off Challenge will accumulate points for a single period specified by the Start Date and End Date. Once the End Date is reached, no further points will be accumulated on that Challenge.

Recurring – A Recurring Challenge is automated to produce a sequence of Challenges based on the Recurring Frequency selected. For example:

A 12-month Challenge is created with a Start Date = 1 January 2018. The end date of the Challenge = 31 December 2018.

  1. Initial occurrence = 1 January 2018 until 31 March 2018, when it will be automatically closed.
  2. 2nd occurrence = 1 April 2018 until 30 June 2018 and so on until
  3. The last occurrence = 1 October until 31 December 2018.

Challengers, who have been assigned to that Challenge, will have their linked Attribute points accumulated for a single occurrence only.

At the start of a new occurrence, all Challenger points will be zero until new endorsements are received during the new occurrence period.


Points Explained

Challenge points are calculated by multiplying the number of Endorsement Points for each Attribute by the Attribute Weight.


Challenge Status

There are three status options:

1. Draft Status – Use Draft Status when setting up a Challenge (All Fields are Editable). Challengers will appear in the Challenge screen and in the Hall of Fame, NO Points will be displayed for any Endorsements.

2. Open Status – Use Open Status when the Challenge is ready to start. In Open the only fields that can be edited are End Date and Status. No challengers can be added or removed. Endorsements awarded during the Challenge Start and End Dates will now show in the Challenge Screen and in the Hall of Fame.

3. Closed Status – The Challenge is Complete.


Example of ‘One Off ‘Challenge:


Example of ‘Recurring’ Challenge:


Recurring Challenge Dates Explained

Start Date: the original start of the Challenge

End Date: the date at which all occurrences will end.

Recurring Start Date: the start date for the current recurrence. This will be equal to or later than the (Challenge) Start Date.

Recurring End Date: the end date for the current recurrence. This will be less than or equal to the (Challenge) End Date.

Recurring Challenge logic: When the system scheduler job kicks off, it will look for any expired “Open” challenge. For example, if the job runs today, it will look for any challenge that has a Recurring End Date = yesterday. It will then close that Challenge and create a new one with a Recurring Start Date = today, Recurring End Date = today + nominated interval of 1, 3, 6 or 12 months.


Back Dating a Challenge

When a Challenge is backdated, the first record that will be created is the occurrence that ‘contains’ the current date. Points awarded to Challengers are accumulated for a particular Challenge based on the endorsements given between or equal to the start and end dates of the Challenge.

Creating a Challenge

Start off by selecting the RDS Challenge Tab > New

Type: Select from either a Team Challenge or Personal Challenge

Clone From: You can a select a previous challenge to clone.

Challenger Configuration: When enabled, it will clone ALL Challengers from the selected cloned challenge.

Attributes Configuration: When enabled, it will clone ALL Attributes from the selected cloned challenge.



Fill in Name, Start and End Date, Status, Type, Recurring Type, and the Winning Point number.

Select ‘Team’ and ‘User’, add all Challengers and teams needed for the Challenge and Save.

Here you can add the ‘Attributes’ by selecting Add Row.


Reminder: If you selected Attributes Configuration, it will clone the Attributes from the cloned challenge.




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