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Cross Functional Org


John wants to motivate his who team to achieve greater success this quarter.

John has employees in different teams that he wants to motivate with a Challenge to increase his business. He knows they will respond with friendly competition. John will also be able to track individual progress and how his employees work as a team. John wants to do this so he can bring his sales and support teams into one challenge.

John has decided that to achieve success in his business this quarter he going to focus on:

  1. Closed/Won Opportunities
  2. Blogs approved for Websites
  3. Chatter comment – #Project
  4. Case Close in less than 4 hours

John needs to organise the following tasks to completed before the challenge set up:

  1. Define the rewards for the Winner/Winners of the Challenge
  2. Organise his employees into teams
  3. Communicate the Challenge to the Team
  4. Create an RDS Challenge in Salesforce
  5. Let the Fun Begin

John then will create the necessary RDS records in Salesforce which involves:

  1. Creating a set of Attributes to match John’s success criteria
    • Setting the Weight for each Attribute for the Challenge.

2. Creating a Category to link the Attributes just created

3. Creating a Challenge and linking the Category just created to the Challenge, Setting the Start and End date.

4. Adding the Users (Challengers) to the Challenge.

5. Creating Endorsements for the Challenge when results are achieved.

    • Salesforce Workflows can be created to automatically create the endorsements

6. Monitoring the Hall of Fame.



How to Create Attribute Points in the Challenge

John has decided that he wants to create a complex point system where he can enter his points for an amount and can add his multiplier for the closing date.

  1. John needs to Navigate to ‘RDS Challenges’ Tab
  2. Select the ‘New’ button to create a New Challenge
  3. Select type (Either Team Challenge or Personal Challenge). If you wish to Clone from a previous challenge you can, or you can just clone the challengers or attributes.
  4. Select the Next button and fill in Name, Start Date, End Date, Status (Draft until ready to start challenge), Recurring Type and have added your challengers.
  5. Click on the ‘Save & Next’ button once completed
  6. ‘Add Row’ and Start typing name of Attribute into the bock and then select ‘New Attribute’
  7. Enter an Attribute Name (e.g Blog)
  8. Define a Points Method (e.g Simple)
  9. Enter Challenge Points (e.g 7)
  10. Click on the ‘Save’ button

The member receiving the Endorsement will receive an email and notification will appear in chatter.

Find out more: Attributes & Automatic Endorsement



How to Manually Award Points in the Challenge

  1. Navigate to “RDS Endorsement” tab
  2. Click on the “New” button
  3. Select the User being awarded points
  4. Type in selected Attribute
  5. There is also the option to link an endorsement to a record.
  6. Select Endorsement Date (Date endorsement was created).
  7. Point Multiplier (e.g If a point is 2 and you make the multiplier 2 the point award will be 4).
  8. Select a Description if applicable and the there is the option to disable chatter post notification.
  9. Click on the “Save” button.

Find out more: Endorsement


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