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Support Org


John’s Music offers a support for their customers. His team of 6 support workers spend a lot of time working with end users, researching and resolving issues related to purchased instruments. The issues can be a combination of questions relating to warranty, product faults or how to information.

John recognizes he needs to motivate and challenge his staff as well as setting objectives and KPI’S.

John has decided that he wants to drive a culture of success in his team by focusing on the following key areas:

  1. Case closed in less than 4 hours
  2. 10 or more cases assigned in a day

John has knowledge of Salesforce so he decides to create the RDS Challenge and related configuration requirements himself, which involves:

  1. Creating the Team Categories
  2. Creating the Teams
  3. Setting up his Attributes
  4. Creating his Challenge


John soon sees notices behaviours developing in the team of Challengers:

  • The support staff start tracking their overall ranking on the Hall of Fame.
  • Johns teams are competitive in nature, and they know that the results are linked to their objectives so they have to work hard to increase their ranking.
  • Increased visibility is driving a culture of performance and recognition as team members know exactly where they are in relation to their peers.

John is going to start by creating his challenge and creating attribute points in the challenge.



How to Create Attribute Points in the Challenge

John has decided that he wants to create a complex point system where he can enter his points for an amount and can add his multiplier for the closing date.

  1. John needs to Navigate to “RDS Challenges” Tab
  2. Select the ‘New’ button to create a New Challenge
  3. Select type (Either Team Challenge or Personal Challenge). If you wish to Clone from a previous challenge you can, or you can just clone the challengers or attributes.
  4. Select the Next button and fill in Name, Start Date, End Date, Status (Draft until ready to start challenge), Recurring Type and have added your challengers.
  5. Click on the “Save & Next” button once completed
  6. ‘Add Row’ and Start typing name of Attribute into the bock and then select ‘New Attribute’
  7. Enter an Attribute Name (e.g Case Close Speedster)
  8. Define a Points Method (e.g Simple)
  9. Enter Challenge Points (e.g 10)
  10. Click on the “Save” button

The member receiving the Endorsement will receive an email and notification will appear in chatter.

Find out more: Attributes & Automatic Endorsement



How to Manually Award Points in the Challenge

  1. Navigate to “RDS Endorsement” tab
  2. Click on the “New” button
  3. Select the User being awarded points
  4. Type in selected Attribute
  5. There is also the option to link an endorsement to a record.
  6. Select Endorsement Date (Date endorsement was created).
  7. Point Multiplier (e.g If a point is 2 and you make the multiplier 2 the point award will be 4).
  8. Select a Description if applicable and the there is the option to disable chatter post notification.
  9. Click on the “Save” button.

Find out more here: Endorsement


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