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Page Layout Configuration


Step 1: Rearrange the tabs for RIO DriveSuccess App

  • RDS Configuration
  • RDS Team Categories
  • RDS Team
  • RDS Challenges
  • RDS Endorsements
  • RDS Profile
  • RDS Attributes


Step 2: Rearrange the Challenge’s related list:

  • RDS Challengers (Challenger#, User, Total Challenge Points, Current Position, Last Position, Registration Date)
  • RDS Challenge Attributes (Challenge Attribute, Attribute)
  • RDS Challenge Requirements


Step 3: Rearrange the Challenge’s page layout:

  • Click on the ‘Challenge Layout’ and drag the ‘Winning Challenger’ field, the ‘Max Earned Point’ field and the ‘Winning Point’ field into the current layout.


Step 4: In Endorsement Object’s, update the New, Edit & Clone buttons

  • Click on Setup -> Object Manger -> Endorsement Object
  • In the ‘Buttons, Links, and Actions’ section, select ‘Clone, Edit & New’ button
  • Edit by selecting ‘Visualforce Page Radio’ button and ensure you refer to the RDSEndorsementEdit page


Step 5: Rearrange the Endorsement’s related list by:

  • Adding the RDS Challenger Points (RDS Challenger Point#, Challenger Attribute, Is Simple Calc, Points Earned)


Step 6: Rearrange the RDS Attribute’s related list:

  • RDS Endorsement (User, Points Awarded)
  • RDS Challenge
  • RDS Challenge Attributes (RDS Challenge Attribute#)
  • RDS Challenge Requirement


Step 7: And, if preferred, Enable the Sub-Tab Feature in the user profile

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