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Scenario #2: Support Challenge

John wants to motivate his support team to on below actions:

  1. Resolved support issue within 24 hours
  2. Respond to case within 24 hours



Step 1: Activate Challenge

John review the support challenge hall of fame

  1. Go to the Home tab under RDS Trialforce app
  2. Select Support Challenge record



3. Click on Hall of Fame



4. Everyone in the challenge should start with 0 points. You can also sort the view into teams



5. Edit the Challenge and make sure the status is Open and the Start Date is valid within your current month. Hit Save.



Step 2: Create Endorsement

Kyla has just resolved a support issue within 24 hours. John wanted to reward her by giving her an endorsement manually (this process can be automated via creating process builder).

  1. Go to the RDS Endorsement tab > New



2. Fill in below information:

    1. User: Kyla McGuire
    2. Attribute: Resolve Case within 24 hours
    3. Endorsement Date: 24/8/2017
    4. Points Awarded: 1 (This will multiply with Challenge Attribute Points: 1* 30 = 30)



3. Go back to the Support challenge and review the Hall of Fame again. You should see some points added to Kyla’s record.

Step 3: Review Historical Endorsement

John would like to review all endorsement given to all users.

1. On the Home tab, click on More to see all endorsement


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