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How do I upgrade?

To upgrade to the new release in your organisation, the process is simple:

  1. Navigate to RIO DriveSuccess AppExchange here
  2. Click the ‘Get it Now‘ button
  3. Select ‘Log in to the Appexchange
    • Populate login credentials if you have not signed in to your SF organisation
  4. If you are already signed in, reconfirm if the login is to the correct SF organisation
    • Select ‘Install in production
  5. Select ‘Confirm and Install
  6. The app may prompt you to login again at this step
  7. Select which users you want to install for (‘Install for All Users‘ will have the least restriction). The header will indicate an earlier version is installed e.g. ‘An earlier version is installed. It can be upgraded while preserving the existing data.’
  8. Select ‘Upgrade
  9. Wait for it to complete. If it takes longer time, it will prompt the message ‘This app is taking a long time to upgrade. You will receive an email after the upgrade has completed.
  10. Refresh Installed Packages to ensure the latest version is installed
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