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Course Session


“A regularly scheduled session as part of a course of study”


Course Session Introduction

Courses are offered in sessions. All sessions have specific start dates allowing students in similar sessions to complete courses together in accordance to their suggested deadlines. Each session can be allocated to a specific Location.

For example, the following illustrated timetable shows courses offering Corporate Leadership 101 – 2018T2. Here we will perform the following setup:

  • Create Location
  • Create Session
  • Booking Issues
  • Create Session Time / Booking


Click on each of the tabs to view the respective guidance

Create LocationCreate SessionBooking IssuesCreate Session Time / Booking

Start by creating locations that will be hosting the sessions

Create Location

A Location is the venue in which you will be hosting the sessions. For example, it can be a lecturer hall, tutorial classroom, laboratory, or even a webinar slot. Locations can be in single or multiple hierarchies.

Before setting up any sessions and booking slots, set up the campus location.

Here we are going to set up all locations required for RIO University. These locations will include multiple Lecturer Halls, which all need to be created as Location. 

Follow the steps below to create them as a Location

Steps - Single Hierarchy

1. Go to the RIO University account

2. Go to the Location related list, click New

3. Select Record Type as Location, click Next

4. Name the location “Main Campus Hall 1”

5. Click Save

This step will walk through creating multiple hierarchies.  For example, RIO Education has 3 branches, and the Main Campus has 15 lecture halls.

Steps - Multiple Hierarchy

1. Following the steps above, create a “Main Campus” location (without Hall 1)

2. Now go into the Main Campus Location, click New at the Location related list

3. Repeat the steps to create a new “Hall” child Location. The final output should be as below

Next, we are going to discuss how to set up Sessions.

Creating Session

Session defines how the course will be delivered by various lecturer and tutorial sessions.

In our example, The course Corporate Leadership 101 for 2018 Term 2 is being delivered in the following format:

  1. 10 Lecturer sessions
  2. 20 Tutorial sessions
  3. 1 Exam session

RIO Education supports the following session types:

Session TypeDescriptionExample
RecurringRecurring These are the repeated classes which conducted at a fixed frequency, within the start and end date definedLecturer and Tutorial sessions
ExamIndicate that this is to schedule exam sessionMid Term exam, Final exam
One OffIndicate that this is an one off session 1-day intensive session on specific topic

The following shows the important fields available in the session records

Field NameData TypeDescriptionSample Data
Mandatory AttendanceCheckboxIf checked, this indicates that Student must ensure 100% attendance on these sessions. Usually applicable for exam or critical independent sessionYes
Attendance % for completionPercentageStudent needs to reached the minimum attendance rate define here in order to complete the course80%
Number of SessionsNumberThe total number of classes available for this session. It compares with the total number of bookings in Plan Line record. If it is different, a warning message will display in Booking Issue field10
StatusPicklistWhen this is updated to Create/Update Bookings’, Plan Line record with Multiple Booking records will be createdDraft
CapacityNumberThis field will be used to identify the capacity set for the Session100
Plan LineLookupTo identify the Booking time for the whole session
Booking IssuesLong Text AreaAny issues that arise when creating or updating bookingsSee "Booking Issues" Tab

The below steps will demonstrate the end to end setup of the sessions using the front end user interface.


TIP: Session setups normally involve a large amount of data entry process, thus it’s best performed using a data upload approach.


Steps - Creating Sessions

Firstly 3 sessions will need to be created under the course offering Corporate Leadership 101:

1. Go to the course offering Corporate Leadership 101 (MOL-CL101-2018T1) which was created in the previous article 

2. Under the Session related list, click on New

3. Create a new session with the following info:

  • Session Name: 2018 T1 – CL101 – Lecturer
  • Session Type: Recurring
  • Number of Sessions: 10
  • Attendance % for completion: 80% (assuming the student will need to attend at least 8 sessions)
  • Capacity: 100
  • Status: Draft

4. Click Save

Repeat the steps above to create the other two sessions, with the information below:

  •  Tutorial session
    • Session Type: Recurring
    • Number of Sessions: 20
    • Attendance % for completion: 80%
    • Capacity: 20
  • Exam session
    • Session Type: Exam
    • Number of Sessions: 1
    • Mandatory Attendance: Yes
    • Capacity: 100

Once all the above are completed, you will see 3 sessions created for this course offering

Next we are going to discuss booking issues and their descriptions.

Number of sessions does not match bookings to be created. Please correct the record manuallyIndicates that the number of booking created is less or more than the expected number of sessions. This could be due to:
The session time date range is too short/long.
Holiday is not being considered.

This is a soft warning, you can ignore if you think that the bookings created are correct. Otherwise, please cross check the configuration in session time and regenerate the booking again.
There are double booking(s): xxxIndicates that the location specified in related session time(s) is conflict with another session time. Please cross check the location selected in session time to ensure there is no conflict

Next we are going to generate Session Times.

Create Session Time / Booking

Session Time is the generation configuration which contains the location start and end time information. RIO Education scheduler will generate the actual time slot referring to this setup. The generated slot is then used for booking and attendance purposes.

The following shows the important fields available in the session records

Field NameData TypeDescriptionSample Data
SessionMaster DetailThe session which owned this session time2018 T1 - CL101 - Lecturer
LocationLookupThe actual location for hosting the booking (ie: lecturer or tutorial sessions). This will be populated as a default location during booking creation, which can then be manually changed at the later stageHall 1
Day of weekPicklistdefault session day of the week during booking creationDefines the day of the booking. All booking's created will have the same day of week falls on Monday
RecurrencePicklistFrequency of the booking within the creation range. Can be defined as weekly, bi-weekly, one-off or daily sessionWeekly
Ignore HolidaysCheckboxIf this is checked, system will bypass the booking creation fall within the start to end date range. (The holiday is specified in the Term.Term Holiday). For example, if we have holiday on 2nd April 2018 (Mon) & 25th April 2018 (Wed) and if the Session Time date range is from 1 April 2018 - 30 April 2018 and it is weekly on Monday.
- Ignore Holiday: Generates 4 bookings
- Not Ignore Holiday: Generates 3 bookings (2nd April Booking record is not created)
Start TimeTextThe default start time populated during booking creation12:00
End TimeTextThe default end time populated during booking creation13:00
Start DateDateBooking will be created from this date onward. Occurrence will depend on the day of week and recurrence setup 1/1/2018
End DateDateBooking will be created until this date3/9/2018


Follow the steps below to create a sample session time slot.

Tip: we recommended using a data upload approach to complete


1. Go to our newly created Session 2018 T1 – CL101 – Lecturer

2. Go to the Session Time related list, click New

3. Create a new Session Time with the information below:

  • Location: Hall 1
  • Day of Week: Monday
  • Recurrence: Weekly
  • Label: CL101-20181-L1
  • Start Time: 12:00
  • End Time: 13:00
  • Start Date: 01/01/2018
  • End Date: 09/03/2018

You may continue to create the session time for Tutorials and Exams.

Each session can have more than 1 session time. For example. Corporate Leadership 101 Tutorial happens every Tuesday and Thursday every week. Thus we can create 2 session time, with the Day of Week is being set to Tuesday and Thursday respectively


Follow the steps below to create the booking slots

Steps - Creating actual bookings slots

1. Go to the Session 2018 T2 – CL101 – Lecturer

2. Change the status to Create/Update Bookings

3. Click Save.

Once If the value is being set correctly, a plan line record 2018 T1 – CL101 – Lecturer will be created and linked with the session record. 10 booking slots will then be generated for the weekly lecturer sessions and parked under it. You can follow the steps below to view these bookings

Steps - Review the Bookings

1. Click on the Plan Line lookup

2. You will notice the booking records were created. Click on View All

3. You can see that 10 bookings have been created and that they are all on Monday from 12 pm to 1 pm, which follows the rules being set in the session time

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