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Course Offering


“Actual courses to be offered on each Academic Terms”


Course offering defines courses that are on offer during each Academic Term and will show students options that are available for enrollment.  For example, the course Corporate Leadership 101 is available for 2018 Term 1, 2018 Term 2 and 2018 Term 3 as illustrated below:

Course Offering consists of the following fields:

Field NameData TypeDescriptionSample Data
TermLookupIndicates that this course is available to be enrolled at this term2018 Term 1
Start DateDateWhen is this course offering starts1/1/2018
End DateDateWhen is this course offering ends4/10/2018
CapacityNumberThe maximum number of students who can enrolled into this course offering100
PlanLookupTo be used by automated booking/scheduling creation feature
Release GradesCheckboxWhen this is checked, all results for the student enrollment (Course Connection) under this course offering will be releasedChecked
Primary FacultyLookupOptional field to assign the main faculty in charged of this course offering

Follow the steps below to create the available courses offered in 2018 Term 1 for Master of Leadership as Course Offering record


1. Go to the Course Offerings tab

2. Click on New

3. Create the Course Offering for “Corporate Leadership 101” (Course Code = CL101), which will commence 2018 Term 1

  • Course: CL101
  • Term: 2018 Term 1
  • Course Offering ID: MOL-CL101-2018T1
  • Start Date: 1st Jan 2018
  • End Date: 10th April 2018
  • Capacity: 100 (the course offering can only accept up to 100 student enrollments)

Once the record is saved, a Plan “MOL-CL101-2018T1” will be automatically created and attached to the new Course Offering Record. This will contain the booking slots of the actual sessions, which is covered in Course Session setup.

Repeat the steps above to create the remaining course offers for Term 2 and Term 3.

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