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Term & Holiday


“A Term is a portion of an academic year, the time during which an educational institution holds classes”


Term SetupHoliday

Training organisations have different study terms.

Setting up Study Term

For programs, RIO University is offering Trimester.

Follow the steps below to create the terms


1. Go to the RIO University Account

2. Go to the Term related list, click on New

3. Enter the Term Name as “2018 Term 1”

4. Define the important dates, ie:

  • Start Date
  • End Date
  • Census Date
  • Enrollment Open Date

5. Click Save

You may repeat the steps above to create the remaining terms, ie: “2018 Term 2”, “2018 Term 3” …

Define your holidays with RIO Education

Creating Term Holiday

Holiday can be defined and linked at the TERM level. The primary purpose for the holiday object/records is to avoid session bookings being created during holidays periods.

To allow sessions to be booked during/on holidays, you can enable a checkbox.

Follow the steps below to create a Holiday and link to a term record


1. Go to Holidays tab

2. Click on New

3. Enter required details and Save the record

4. Now let’s try to assign the Holiday to the Term. Open the newly created Holiday record and navigate to the Term Holiday related list. Click New

5. Choose selected Term that requires the holiday and Save the record


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