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Attendance Management

Now that sessions have been assigned, the Faculty can proceed with marking attendance during their sessions

  • Faculty Members have the ability to mark attendance for Course (Only if assigned as Primary Faculty in Course Offering)
  • Faculty Members need to login to the Faculty Community for the ability to mark attendance
  • Faculty Members are able to backdate or mark the current date for attendance (Faculty cannot mark attendance for future dates)
Steps - Marking the attendance

As Faculty Member, click on the Attendance icon

You will see a list of sessions assigned to this Faculty. Click on the Attendance button to fill in

The Faculty member will see a list of all students assigned to the session. Click on the dates to mark the attendance:

  • Tick – Attended the session
  • Cross – Absent
  • E – Excused from the session

For Excused attendance, to populate a reason click on … 

Once the attendance marking is completed, click on Submit

Once the attendance has been submitted, RIO Education will create an Attendance Record. Follow the steps below to view the Attendance Records

Steps - Viewing the Attendance Record

1. Navigate to a Session Connection Record, ie Course Connection

2. You will see a list of attendance records created. Click on any of them to view the details

3. The attendance record details will be shown as below

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