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Result and Completion


“Handling student result and completion of accreditation journey”


This is where we will demonstrate using the result releasing and study completion feature.


Updating Result

Course Results can be updated in RIO Education using the following approach:

  • Manually updating the results section on the Course Connection’s record detail page
  • Implementing a mass results marking mechanism – Utilising an appropriate app such as Conga Action Grid
  • Utilising data Import Wizard and/or data loader
  • Implement Integration process if the learning journey and results are keeping track in other LMS
Manual Result UpdateMass Result ReleaseCourse CompletionFAQ

Below will explore how to manually release results in the Course Connection Records

Steps - Manual Release on Course Connection Records

Search a Contact and select

In the Contact record, click into the Program Enrollment record

In the Program Enrollment, go to the Course Connections record

Go to the Course Connection Result section and enter the grades/scores below:

  • Grade Setting Type
  • Grade

Once completed, tick the Release Grades checkbox

This will allow results to be released. Grades and the final outcome will be populated according to the Grade Setting.

Once the grade is final, it will be viewable by students in the Student Community.

In certain situations, individual results may require another round of reviews prior to releasing them to the Student. For this, we can utilise a mass result release feature.

The result release checkbox exists in both Course Connection and Course Offering. Follow the steps below for a mass result release

Steps - Mass Result Release

1. Populate the Course Connection results without checking the result release checkbox (This can be done via single or mass update using a data loader)

2. Proceed with any manual reviews

3. Once reviews are completed, proceed to the Course Offering records and check the Release Result checkbox

4. All the Course Connection results related to it will then be released. Grades and the final outcome will be populated and will be viewable by the students on the Student Community

Course Completion

Once students complete all their courses and meet the accreditation requirements, the program can be set as Completed to mark the end of their learning journey.

RIO Education can be configured in various completion approaches:

  • A course completion email
  • Completion certification, Statement of Attainment etc
  • Full Transcript

When I try to perform a Mass Release from a Course Offering, my Course Connection results are not updated


Some students may have failed some of the completion criteria. This could include failure to meet the minimum attendance rate. To troubleshoot, you can go to the Course Connection Record and perform a manual release. The below error message will be displayed this situation happens.


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