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Faculty Session

One of the fundamental features in Faculty Community is to view and accept assigned sessions. In this section, we will walk-through the following topics:

  • Assigning Faculty to a session, and
  • View the session assigned in Faculty Community
Assign SessionView Session

Follow the steps below to assign the session to the Faculty


1. Navigate to the Course Offering record and click on the Edit button

2. Assign the Primary Faculty and Save the record

3. Upon Saving, you’ll notice that there’s a Course Connection record created automatically under this Course Offering

4. In the Faculty Course Connection record, go to the Session Connections related list and click on New

5. Ensure the following are populated:

  • Session Connection name (any format, usually Session Name + Faculty name)
  • Select a session where status = Booked
  • Ensure Faculty check box is checked
  • Status = Current and Faculty Confirmed = Confirmed
    • This indicates that all the session assigned to Faculty will be automatically Accepted
    • Faculty can still reject the session assigned at a later stage

6. Save the record

The session L01 – THE401 has now been assigned to Olivier.

If there is a need to assign multiple faculty members, repeat the steps above by manually creating the course connection.

Once a session has been assigned, Faculty can view these sessiona in the Faculty community by following the steps below:


1. Login to the Faculty Community and select Sessions

2. Sessions are being displayed in a timetable format. Faculty can view the sessions by current day, weekly, bi-weekly or monthly view. In this example:

  • Click on the Month button to change the view to monthly
  • Scroll to the session start date to view the assigned sessions

3. This is how sessions are being displayed

4. Faculty can also click onto the session to view full details. Here you can also choose to Reject a session if the slots assigned are not appropriate

If you do not wish the sessions to be auto-accepted, ensure Status and Status confirmation are left blank during the Sessions Connection Creation. When Faculty reviews these sessions within the Community, they will have the option of confirming or rejecting sessions.

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