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What’s New in RIO Education Version 2.3

  • Create Primary Faculty from Session record


  • New out of the box report showing session booking issues
  • Single community space for students/faculty communities to utilize chatter groups, etc
  • New “Some Rejected” status to Faculty Status rollup
  • Location double bookings alerts are now escalated to session level
  • Auto-create Planner resource record for Locations (account record type) records
  • Display Course Fee and Fee Payment history in Enrollment Wizard
  • Auto Enrollment feature for Student (RTO/VET Courses)
  • Auto-assignment of multiple permission set to new users
  • Enhanced Course Connection Record Type Identification
  • Increased Session Connection Name field size
  • Field and picklist enhancements


Bug Fixes

  • All HEDA/RIO Education objects with a consistent lightning layout
  • Fix for Orphan Student Fee issue
  • Fix for Student Fee – Fee Reference counter issue
  • Fix for UI issue causing Campus & Status field to disappear in Student Community’s Program Enrollment
  • Plan Line & Booking creation from Session record populates Resource field



  • Proper Hover texts for all the buttons in myPrograms
  • Term selection dropdown to have text ‘Show Select the Term’ in Student Enrollment
  • Sort semester dropdown by semester/term start date in student Enrollment Wizard
  • Removing obsolete field Contact Lookup Field usage from PE Group
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