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Accreditation Journey


“How to manage the entire accreditation journey using RIO Education”



Overview of Accreditation Journey

In this section, we are going to demonstrate how to use the student accreditation journey management using RIO Education. We will also explore the common concepts and flows which come with the out of the box experience.

Please note that RIO Education is flexible with configuration. 

For example, Aaron wishes to enroll in the “Master of Leadership” program. Below is the accreditation journey for Aaron:

  1. Submit a Program Application
  2. Admin to review the application
  3. Once approved, Aaron will be granted access to the Student Community
  4. Aaron can then choose to enroll in the courses according to his defined Study Pathway
  5. Payment will need to be made for each course enrollment
  6. Once enrolled in a course, Aaron can view the sessions booked in his calendar view
  7. The Lecturer can mark Aaron’s attendance in courses using the Faculty Management facility
  8. Aaron can view his current Pathway progress and results in the community
  9. New courses will be available each term and if those are applicable to Aaron, he can proceed with the enrollment of these courses
  10. Once Aaron completes all the necessary courses and requirements, he will gain the accreditation from the enrolled program
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