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Course Enrollment


“Enroll into courses recommended on the learning pathway”


Aaron has now successfully enrolled in the Program Master of Leadership. He is ready to kick-start his accreditation journey!

There are a few things Aaron can do from the Student Community:

  • View his pathway
  • Enroll in a course
  • Track his Lecturer/Tutorial sessions
  • Track his results
Viewing PathwayTerm EnrollmentCourse EnrollmentCourse Connection

Viewing Pathway

Firstly, Aaron needs to decide if he’s going to follow the recommended pathway or define his own pathway. Once he’s decided his pathway, he can enroll in the available courses.

To view the Pathway, follow the below steps.


In the Student Community portal, navigate to my Programs

Click on my Pathway

You will notice all the Terms available.

Term Enrollment will show you how to understand the process of enrolling in terms and courses.

Let’s explore how to enroll into a Term and view its available courses within the selected pathway.


Click on the Enroll Term button

Tip: To navigate to other Terms, just click and drag the Term card left or right

Select the available Term, for example, Aaron is following the recommended pathway and needs to set his second Term to S2 2018

Once the Term is defined, the available courses on that term will be displayed and available for Aaron to enroll in

Course Enrollment

Aaron has decided to follow the recommended pathway, which kicks start on 2018 Term 2. He will be enrolled in his first course: LEA401 – Introduction to Leadership, which is available in the same term.


Using an out of the box interface, he can follow the steps below to complete the enrollment process:

1. Navigate to myProgram > myPathway

2. Click on View Courses on the related term

3. Select the course Introduction to Leadership

Select button will only be available if the course still available for enrollment and the student has met all the pre-requisite

4. Click on Select Sessions and select all the applicable sessions available. e.g: Select all exam, lecturer and tutorial sessions.

5. In the 3.Enroll tab, select the Enroll button

6. In the 4.Payment tab, select the Payment Type and click on Pay Now

7. Once the payment is processed, the Course enrollment will be completed

Please note the above is apart of the out of the box feature. RIO Education can be flexibly customised to fit into various approaches practices by a different institution.

When a course enrollment is successful, a Course Connection record is created. This is the main course enrollment detail tracking record, which is used to track course enrollment information, payment records and study results.

There are 3 sections in the Course Connection:

  • General Detail
  • Payment – Total Fees and payment detail, which includes linkage to an actual payment record
  • Course Connection Result – Keeping track of the study outcome for the course of study


The following records below are also being generated:

  • Payment records – linked under the Payment section
  • PE Courses – To track additional courses information
  • Session Connections – These are the sessions main configuration records for Aaron, which are created a base on the master session setup.
  • Session Bookings – Actual booking records will be created, which will be displayed in the student community as the calendar view
Record CreatedDescription
Course ConnectionMain student enrollment record. Use to keep track of study status, payment details and final results
PE CourseCloned from Program Course, this is mainly use to keep track of the GPA and requirement/pre-requisite automation
PE Course RequirementCloned from Program Course Requirement. Mainly to keep track the requirement for completing the course.
Session ConnectionThese are the sessions main configuration records for Aaron, which are created a base on the master session setup
Session BookingActual booking records will be created, which will be displayed in student community as the calendar view

The main approach used is to clone the few master setups into individual student specific records. This allows the requirement/details to be changed without affecting the master setup (ie: some student may have their own pathway or course requirement)

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