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Program Application & Enrollment


“Kickstart your accreditation Journey with an application of the program of interest”


In this section, we will explore how Program Application and Program Enrollment are created in RIO Education.

Program ApplicationReview and ApprovalProgram Enrollment
Program Application
In this example, we are going to demonstarte at high level the concept of Aaron starting his Master of Leadership accreditation journey, starting with Project Application.

Note that Aaron is a new student with no Student Community login and enrollment.


1. Navigate to the Student Community page and click Apply now

2. Enter all required information below then click Confirm, i.e:

3. Aaron will then receive an email with the link to his community contact record. Click the link for Program Application Record to proceed.

4. Aaron will be directed to the program application page. Click New to proceed.

5. Specify the program you are applying too and insert the required information. i.e: Master of Leadership.
Click Save once the form is completed.

6. The Program Application will be saved as a draft and Aaron will need to click Submit Application to submit for approval.

7. Once the application is submitted, Aaron can revisit the same community page to check the progress

8. Aaron will receive a notification when the program application is being approved by the institution:

  • Student Community login information
  • Welcome email for successful onboarding

Please note that step 8 is part of the out of the box feature. RIO Education can be flexibly customised to fit into multiple different institutions. For example, the application process can be further customised into a progressive form wizard format.

Program Application Review and Approval

During different stages of the onboarding process, different types of records are created in RIO Education:

  • Student Account and Contact records are created upon application for student community access
  • Once the student submits to the Program Application, the record will be created

Admins can review all of these applications. Various communications will be conducted outside the system to ensure the student is qualified to be enrolled within the program. Once these additional checks have been completed, Admins can then proceed to approve the application.


1. Go to the Program Application record

2. Change the Status to “Approved

Upon approval, community access will automatically be activated for the student. The student will then receive an email notification with instructions detailing how to activate their student community account.

Upon the Program Application approval, a record will be created to keep track of the accreditation journey progress.

The following records will also be created and linked with the Program Enrollment record

Record CreatedDescription
PE PathwayCloned from Program Pathway. This will served as the student's study recommendation guidelines
PE Pathway UnitThe Pathway detail
PE GroupCloned from Program Group. Mainly to define the course category (Core, Elective, etc). It will have a status bar to keep track of the completion status

Each PE Pathway will need to be linked with a Term in the Student Community

PE Pathway Units are created to keep track of the courses recommended for each term

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