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What’s New in RIO Education Version 2.10

  • Session Scheduler’s session edit screen is now configurable
  • Overhauled Appointment Scheduler to work with community users



  • Linked Term Grades to Session for reporting purposes
  • Multiple Checkpoints Attendances can now all be saved with one button press
  • Program Enrollment deferred status now withdraws Course Connections
  • Standardized the Session Connection naming convention
  • Primary Faculty now gets assigned to all Session Times
  • Manually linking a Course Offering to a Course Connection now automatically populated the PE Pathway too
  • PE Pathway lookup search now shows only the PE Pathways relevant to the Course Connection’s Program Enrollment
  • New picklist for Attendance Marking options on Session
  • My Results can now display completed courses from historical terms if no salesforce term is found
  • Attendance Session List can now use Contact Record Id by default
  • Attendance marking component now respects the start/end dates in session connection
  • Added a new component that lists Sessions a faculty can grade
  • Can now create/update bookings starting on a date, or after the date
  • Create Faculty Component – now allows you to set the faculty member’s status
  • Create Faculty Component – Now displays Day of Week, Start Time and End Time in session time picklist
  • Create Faculty Component – Misc. UI enhancements
  • CustomSingleRelatedList component – now supports parent reference fields
  • CustomSingleRelatedList component – now supports default record types
  • Enrollment Wizard – Courses enrolled in previous terms are now hidden from future terms
  • Grading component – Added an option to set grade points automatically from grade value
  • Grading component – Can now set the order of Grade criteria columns
  • Session Scheduler – Session list is now collapsible
  • Session Scheduler – Sorted session time list by day of week and date/time
  • Session Scheduler – Now considers faculty availability
  • Session Scheduler – New configuration options for session and resource names
  • Session Scheduler – Now skipping warning for non-room type of rooms
  • Session Scheduler – Now can load a default educational institution
  • Session Scheduler – Can preview session bookings and drag to resources
  • Session Scheduler – Improved criteria filters for handling large numbers (~2 million) of contacts
  • Session Scheduler – Defaults the session time label to use session name if empty


Bug Fixes

  • Program completion component now defaults to the page’s record Id correctly
  • Grade Settings now handle grades at the edge of their range
  • Fixed read access issue on LastViewedDate and LastReferencedDate when opening Student Scheduler and Session Scheduler
  • Fixed Ignore Credits Earned and Ignore for GPA Calculation not being considered in PE Pathway rollups
  • Fixed community profile metadata issue
  • Fixed some bookings not being displayed properly in the Faculty Calendar due to timezones
  • Waitlisted/Withdrawn students are now hidden from the Attendance component
  • RPL Course Connections no longer need related Course Offerings for the completion engine rollup
  • Fixed CPU Timeout issue when updating a list of Course Connections without PE Groups
  • Fixed unique key issue in Grade Settings
  • Number of Sessions is no longer a required field and does not affect the Booked Issue status if left blank
  • Checkpoint activity is now shown even if there are no students
  • Fixed REDU_Date_UTIL.getDateFromIsoWeekPreviousSunday() not returning correct date
  • Fixed REDU_Date_UTIL.getYearAndIsoWeekFromDate() not returning ISO year correctly
  • Fixed session double booking validation for faculty running multiple times
  • Fixed CPU Timeout issue when doing Faculty double booking checks
  • Fixed library loading issue in lightning web component
  • Users no longer need “view setup and configuration” permissions to load the session scheduler
  • Fixed “Error: 410 – Delete failed. Insufficient access right on object id” when generating session booking as a normal user
  • CustomSingleRelatedList and Session Scheduler now supports record type developer name
  • Plan line bookings can now be deleted by users without modify all permissions
  • Handled error when uploading faculty/student profile photo
  • Create Faculty Component – Fixed the session time not setting on subsequent creations of faculty Session Connections
  • Create Faculty Component – Fixed “Class ends on <date>” when assigning all
  • Create Faculty Component – Department is now considered in qualified faculty checking
  • Create Faculty Component – Fixed assigning qualified faculty without roles
  • Create Faculty Component – Fixed deleted Session Connection still being listed
  • CustomSingleRelatedList – Now handles percent formula fields correctly
  • CustomSingleRelatedList – Fixed Error “Read access denied on profile”
  • Session Scheduler – Booking Change Date now displayed in session time list 
  • Session Scheduler – REST API call changed from GET to POST to avoid long url error
  • Student Scheduler – Fixed null value causing error when loading the student list
  • Session Scheduler – Fixed Read permission denied on PermissionSetAssignment error
  • Session Scheduler – selectedCourse and selectedCourseOffering are now cleared properly when value is changed
  • Session Scheduler – The sequence counter for faculty now increments correctly
  • Session Scheduler – No longer crashes by generating 1 year of faculty availability in one go
  • Template Builder – Exposed minTime and maxTime attributes
  • Template Builder – Facility options list now refreshes when changing the required facility type



  • Marked all event components as access=global
  • Introduced a separate permission set for tab access
  • Updated Page Layouts
  • Fee’s non-tuition fields marked as obsolete
  • Reviewed critical updates in Spring 21


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