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What’s New in RIO Education Version 2.6

  • Appointment Scheduling Wizard
  • Faculty Timesheets
  • Course Grading Wizard and Automation
  • Support for Dual Qualifications
  • Credit Transfers
  • Custom course colours in Calendars
  • Data Reminder for the community
  • Extension package for RIO Education to support Person Account
  • Metadata package to enable Track Field History on EDA Objects


  • Ability to update future session bookings
  • Ability to have different holidays depending on region/campus
  • Admin can now control when a Faculty User is created
  • Completion engine can now support complex course structures
  • Object names and fields will now be displayed dynamically
  • Updated plan requirement help text
  • Attendance ‘Click here’ text is now configurable
  • EFTSL moved from course to plan requirement
  • EDA Error object can now lookup to triggering objects

Bug Fixes

  • Session booking not created on end date
  • Session Time timezone issue
  • UI hanging upon show all campus toggle
  • Editing Salesforce user always requires the existence of “REDU – Student” and “REDU – Faculty” profile
  • Occasional invalid user used in test class
  • RP_SessionSelectComponent_LCTRL_TEST failed when executing in parallel mode
  • Safari browser showing a 10 hour time shift forward in Appointment Scheduler
  • Not able to delete Program Enrollment
  • Required Courses are lumped together under “Select X from the below group”
  • Holiday related issues and enhancements
  • Unwanted fields cloned when cloning Session or Course Offering
  • Recursive Trigger call error while REDU-Admin trying to update multiple course connections in the same Program Enrollment
  • Faculty course/session connections can’t be created if there are no available places
  • Birthday out of range catch for new student
  • Removing course offering from course connection doesn’t trigger booked places rollup
  • Error message is not displayed when failing to create a faculty user
  • Booked Places in session is not updated when Program Enrollment is deleted
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