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What’s New in RIO Education Version 27

  • Multi-Language support
  • Calendar for Sessions
  • Short Course Enrollment
  • Displaying PE Group Hierarchy for complex Group Structures
  • Class Scheduling for both classroom and teacher/faculty
  • Attendance features


  • Ability to set Fee Label on program enrollment during creation
  • Student’s Course Connection record access for Faculty
  • Handling Credit Points and GPA for repeated Courses
  • EDA new Facilities record type
  • Group and move User messages into Salesforce Labels
  • Propagate Program EFTSL to the Program Plan level
  • Extended Record Type references to a custom setting
  • Canvas Cyclr Integration
  • Updated default Faculty sharing set
  • Faculty community components now support internal users
  • Assign Faculty users their own Course Connection

Bug Fixes

  • Mobile devices UI fixes
  • Optional Discipline Requirement Groups are now optional
  • Double booking count message was not updated upon double-booked session deletion
  • Double Bookings are reset on Session
  • Custom Related List can now handle non-text fields
  • One-Off Session Times no longer show “Booked with Issue” on Session Booking Issue
  • Disoriented Result Table Display in iPhone view
  • Inconsistent course colour display in the calendar
  • REDU Admin now has the correct layout for Term Grade
  • Daily Sessions now show all bookings on calendars
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