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What’s New in RIO Education Version 2.9

  • Waitlist for Course and Session enrollment
  • Student Scheduling Wizard
  • Funding Module


  • Miscellaneous component enhancements
  • Access of user fields by guest user
  • Updated look and feel of default my Programs
  • Introduced Program Offering on Program Application and Program Enrollment
  • Session Scheduler – Logic to consider faculty booked sessions
  • Available Places returns 0 instead of negative values
  • Session Scheduler – Able to prefilter record based on URL parameters
  • Session Scheduler – Added none option to optional picklist
  • Added pre-enrollment open date to Term
  • Made Number of Sessions optional
  • Updated UTIL, OBJ, FLOW and BATCH class to use “inherited sharing”

Bug Fixes

  • Appointment Scheduler Booking to Consultant’s Calendar – Access Error on save
  • Handle null Create/Update Settings for Session Time
  • Session Scheduler – Apex Timeout Issue for sessionListEdit
  • Handle Faculty leave in session scheduler
  • Plan Req description now shows in the pathway view
  • Session List Edit – Session booking status no longer always resets to blank
  • Miscellaneous spelling issues in SessionsSelectComponent
  • Faculty Creation Wizard – no longer creates duplicate Attendance records
  • myMajor select button no longer shows as “unselected” in other languages
  • Lightning web components now load on first attempt
  • Enrollment Wizard error – Courses 1119 Attempt to de-reference a null object
  • Displaying future times in different timezones consistently
  • PE Pathway are no longer duplicated when Program Enrollments are created in Bulk
  • Sessions now show immediately in enrollment wizard after enrolling to a course



  • Disabled Loan Fee mapping in TDTM
  • Changes to “Help_Debt_Amount__c” field in Course Connection and Fee Line




  • Auto-enrollment now considers term label in program pathway
  • Student Scheduler – Allow Admin to over-allocate students to sessions



  • Enrollment Wizard – Handle courses with no course offerings
  • Student Scheduler – Show Session Time info flag now respected on session table header
  • Session Scheduler – Get calenderEvent REST call error when there are too many resources


2.9 Upgrade Notes 

In version 2.9 and above, the behavior of plan line record creation for session record has been changed. Prior to version 2.9, the plan line will be created when the session booking status is set to “Create/Update Bookings”.

From version 2.9 onwards, the plan line record will be created whenever a new session record is created. This is to enhance the performance around the session object.

If you are upgrading to version 2.9 and above, you will need to create the plan line record for all session records that do not have the plan line record linked yet. You can do this manually or use any data loading tools. The following is the mapping:


Session Field Plan Line Field
Name Name
rio_ed__Session__r.rio_ed__Course_Offering__r.rio_ed__Plan__c rio_ed__Plan__c
rio_ed__Publish__c rio_ed__Publish__c
The Id for a resource type record called “Location” rio_ed__Resource_Type__c
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