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Create A Faculty Session Connection


1. Click the Units tab from the Navigation Bar or App Launcher.

2. Type in the unit’s name in the search box.

3. Click the unit from the Unit Name list.

4. Click Unit Offerings tab from the selected unit.

5. Click the Unit Offering from the Unit Offering: Unit Offering ID List.

6. Click the Sessions tab.

7. Click the Session from the Session Name List.

8. Click the Faculty tab.

9. Click the New button.

10. Toggle on the Filter by Faculty Roles switch to Active.

11. Under Faculty Roles check mark the roles the faculty member requires.

12. Under Primary Faculty check mark Make Primary for Session and/or Make Primary for Course Offering if this faculty member will be the primary faculty member for the session and/or for the course offering.

13. Under Qualified Faculty the contacts will be filtered per their qualified roles and the Faculty Roles checked.  Click Select to choose a faculty contact.

14. When complete, click Save.

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