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Create Fee Structure

Fees can be set at either a program or unit level. A fee record is linked to one or many Programs or Units. For example, a fee (Band 3 Unit) may be a standard unit fee that is applicable to many Units. This fee when created can be linked to all the units that it is relevant for.  When fee’s change, the change is managed by a child record called Fee Schedule. The fee schedule is a way to set the fee for a period of time. For example. Band 3 unit may have a fee schedule of $1000 for 2018 and $1100 for 2019. 


Fee Schedules are linked to Terms, so when a Unit Offering in that term is setup, the fee can be automatically calculated. 


In addition, Child fees are supported.  Take the example of a Unit that is offered by default as a classroom-based lesson. The Band 3 Unit fee is assigned to the Unit. Additionally, a child fee called “online” is created and linked. When the Unit is offered in a term, if the unit has a “fee Label” called online then the online child fee will be automatically applied rather than the default fee. 

Create A FeeCreate A Fee ScheduleCreate Fee Schedule Term

Create A Fee


1. Click the Fees tab from the navigation bar.

2. Click the New button.

3. Fill in Fee Name and other fee details.

4. Fill in Description

5. When complete, click Save.


Fee Fields Explained:

  • Fee Name – A name you chose to identify this fee
  • Fee Type – Tuition or non-tuition for example
  • Fee Unit – Identified if this is a “Program” or Course(Unit) fee
  • Loan Fee %  (Percent, 16, 2) (Defaults to 0) is used for institutions that charge a “processing” fee for handling student loans. This amount will be added to the Students fee calculations.
  • Parent Fee (lookup to Fee) this will be used for the Alternate (Child)  fee’s to link back to the parent (Default) fee that will be linked to the Program plan or course.
  • Fee Label is used to identify a child or alternate fee.  E.G. a customer may have a special “online” fee or “USD” fee for the same course or program that is delivered in a different location or format.


Create A Fee Schedule


1. Continuing from previous Create A Fee, from the newly created fee, click Fee Schedules tab.

2. Click the New button.

3. Fill in the new fee schedule’s information.

4. Select Current, if this fee schedule will be the current fee schedule.

5. When complete, click Save.


Create Fee Schedule Term


1. Continuing from previous Create A Fee Schedule, from the newly created fee schedule, click Fee Schedules Terms tab.

2. Click the New button.

3. Fill in the Term for this fee schedule.

4. When complete, click Save.


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