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Student – Student Account Management

Student Email To Verify AccountLogin Student Community Home PageStudent Community Home PageStudent Community Navigation Menu Tab

Student Email To Verify Account (After Application Approval)


1. From the email inbox, click to open the Welcome to RIO Community email.

  • Note: From the body of the email, take note of the new RIO Community Username.

2. From the body of the email, click the Welcome to RIO Community! To get started, go to email link to activate the account and to set up a login password.

  • Note: The new RIO Community Username will be listed.

3. Enter a new password for the Community account.  

  • The new password must contain:
    • at least 8 characters,
    • at least 1 letter,
    • and contain at least 1 number.

4. Retype the password to confirm the new password.

5. When complete, click Change Password


Login Student Community Home Page


1. Fill in the RIO Community Username.

2. Fill in the Password.

3. When complete, click Log In.



Student Community Home Page


Student Community Navigation Menu Tab


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