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Student – Student Application (Student Community)

Create a new student application to a program using Student Community


1. Click Apply Now.

2. Fill in the contact details: first name, last name, email address, phone number, and community username.

3. When complete, click Next.

4. Fill in additional contact details: birth date, gender, country of origin and citizenship.

5. When complete, click Next.

6. Fill in the program details for the program that is being applied for, including the programs name, study-mode, start year, start month, and fee type.

7. When complete, click Next.

8. If applicable, fill in any qualification details: qualification type, school or institution name, campus name, study mode, start date, completion date, completion status, result or grade.  

9. For additional qualifications, select the Add More checkbox.

10. When complete, click Next.

11. To upload supporting documents, click Upload Files to choose a document from your computer.

12. Once the document on your computer is selected, the document will be displayed.  

  • Note: The file is not uploaded to the application yet, just selected.

13. Click the Upload button.

14. A confirmation message will display when the document is successfully uploaded.  Also, above the Upload button, is uploaded will be displayed after the documents name to confirm the document is successfully uploaded.

15. When complete, click Next.

16. When completed with the application, click Finish to submit the application.

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