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How do I Email Invoices from Saasu?


In an Opportunity, when you click on the Sync button you have an option to select this feature:



If you check this box, then Saasu will send your Contact an email with the Invoice attached.


The email content is created as follows:

  • The From address is the email address for your Salesforce User
  • The To address is the email address for your Contact
  • The Subject is made up of your Salesforce Company Name + Invoice
    • If the Salesforce Company is Acme Pty Ltd, then the subject line will be “Acme Pty Ltd Invoice”
    • This is not configurable
  • The body of the email is made up of 3 parts:

1. Hi Contact Name – this cannot be changed, it is hard coded with the word “Hi” and then the Contact Name after this:

  • If your Contact Name is “Fred Smith” then the line will be “Hi Fred Smith,”

2. The email body text, you can configure this in the RIO Finance Configuration tab

3. The signature section – this is a combination of “Regards,” a new line and then your Salesforce User Name


Here is what the Saasu email will look like with the default configuration:




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