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To install RIO Finance and connect to Xero, you will need to complete some initial setup steps:

  1. Xero Setup
  2. Salesforce Setup

Xero Setup

Xero Requirements:

  • Starter license or above


To connect to a Private application, you will need to get your Xero Consumer KeyConsumer Secret, Private Key and Certificate Expiry Date.

  1. Login to
  2. Create or select the Private App you want to connect to
    • If you’re creating a new Private App, you will need to generate a Public/Private key pair. Xero has detailed steps and a quick walkthrough video to help you with this.
    • The Private Key can be opened with Microsoft Word, Notepad, or a similar word processing document. You will need this during the Salesforce Setup.
    • Note: Copy the section between the ——-BEGIN RSA PRIVATE KEY ——– and the ——-END RSA PRIVATE KEY———, and remove the spaces so everything is on one line. This will let you copy and paste it into our configuration page later.
  3. Take note of the Consumer Key, Consumer Secret and Certificate Expiry Date, you will need these during the Salesforce Setup.


Salesforce Setup

For your Salesforce instance you need to:

  1. Contact for our RIO Finance – Xero package.
  2. Modify the following page layouts:
    • In your Salesforce instance, go to Setup | Object Manager | <object> | Page Layouts | <object> Layout
    • You can either use our preset RIO Finance page layouts, or edit your own.
    • If you’re editing your own, add the following Fields and Buttons:
      • Account
        • Fields
          • Primary Billing Contact
          • Contact URL
          • External ID
          • Sync Error
        • Buttons
          • Sync Account
      • Opportunity
        • Fields
          • Accounting Service
          • Sale Type
          • Is Tax Inclusive
          • Xero Reference
          • Xero Invoice Number
          • Bill To Contact
          • Bill To Account
          • Total Amount Paid
          • Paid Status
          • Auto Sync Invoice
          • Email Invoice To Contact
          • External ID
          • Xero Sync Error
          • Invoice Link
          • Due Date
        • Buttons
          • Sync Opportunity
          • Sync Payment
      • Product
        • Fields
          • Account Code
          • Tax Code
          • External ID
          • Price Includes Tax
      • Opportunity Product
        • Fields
          • Account Code
          • Tax Code
    • We suggest creating a section called “RIO Finance Information” and adding all the custom fields to that section
  1. Move on to the Connection Setup

Important: The sync will not work properly until these page layouts have been setup.

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