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Before using Opportunities ensure that you have configured page layouts for Opportunity.


Create Opportunities as you normally would for your company.


Example of created opportunity below 

OP 1


Under Function Details in your opportunity, you will notice that it is currently blank. This will remain blank until you create the allocation in the Planner tab.

Note: Functions information can be populated/converted from the lead. 


OP 2

Adding Products (Opportunity Line Items)


Products can be added to an opportunity depending on the individual business model and customer requirement.

  • To add Products to an Opportunity, select the arrow next to Products and select Add Products.
  • Select Products from the list view and select Next

OP 3


Enter Quantity, Date and Line Description if required. (Note that Salesprice will be pre-populated as per price book. Price can still be adjusted)

OP 4


By clicking on the product name after saving, you will be able to see all the details of the product including the Manifest Line Description (Which will show on the printable manifest).


OP 5


To generate a manifest with RIO Functions check out the Conga Setup here. 


Link to Function and create a Booking


To link the opportunity to a function, open the Functions tab and select New. 

Enter all the relevant information required for your business.

Once saved, this will create a booking in the planner.

FU 1
FU 2



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