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Batch Demo


Acme Biscuit is a biscuit manufacturing company. The RIO Inventory batch feature offers Acme the ability to track their biscuits and dispatch them based on the earliest expiry, batch or serial number due date. Acme can also utilise RIO Inventory Kits feature to assemble different types of cookies for hampers for promotion purposes.


See video below for the demonstration.

RIO Inventory features that were covered in the demonstration above:

  • Multi-Warehouse Management
  • Batch
  • Opportunity Management
  • Product Management


The purpose of this report allows the user to easily retrieve transaction-related information based on the batch/serial product type invoiced. This allows the customer to be able to trace back which account it’s sold to if let’s say there is a product recall. ¬†Additional information that can be retrieved from the report are:

  • search products by name/serial/batch #
  • the account that the product is sold to
  • the warehouse that the product came from
  • the quantity sold
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