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Use Case Demo Videos


Batch Demonstration

Bar Code Scanner Demonstration

Serial Numbers Demonstration




Installation FAQs


Pricing for RIO Inventory

Which Users Need a License?

How do I update my Billing Details or credit card information?

How do I view my Invoice?

How do I make a payment?

How do I assign the RIO Inventory Licenses?

How do I purchase more Licenses?

Handling Field-level Security after installing for Admins Only

Deciding the Default Warehouse Location

Is an installation service available?



Integration FAQs


Shipping Service Integrations, ie UPS

Shopping Cart Integrations

Quickbooks Integration

Xero & Saasu Integration



Upgrading FAQs

RIO Inventory Release Notes

Upgrading your existing paid release

Upgrading RIO Inventory to Version 4.2

Upgrading RIO Inventory from below Version 3.2 – Non-Inventory Products



Support FAQs


How do I get support?

How do I request a new feature?

How Do I Grant Login Access

RIO Inventory is Suspended, what do I do now?

Resolving Errors

Retrieve Data from Uninstall/Reinstall App



General FAQs


How to Rename RIO Inventory Custom Fields

Why Can I Still see Batch Information after I have Disabled Batch Control?

Why can’t I use Backorder for Serial Products?

Using a Data Loader to Update Warehouse Inventory Quantity

Why Can’t I add Products to an Opportunity

Non-Inventory Products

Adding Inventory Indicators to Quotes

How to Report on Average Purchase Price vs Average Selling Price

Can RIO Inventory work only on certain record type?

Disabling Opportunity Triggers

Allow Backorders flag in Opportunity

How do I configure the Allow Backorders flag to always be true in all Opportunities

What Happens when an Opportunity Stage Changes?

What Happens when a Product is Removed from an Opportunity?

Can I Specify a Different Quantity Threshold for a Specific Product?

Can I specify a Different Opportunity Probability %age?

What is the Opportunity – Probability (%)?

What is the Low Inventory Threshold?

What do the Product Stock Status Flags Mean?

How do I clone a Product?

How to report on transactions based on Batch/Serial Product Type



Error FAQs


Package Install Error – Missing Organisation Feature: Product

Error updating RIO Inventory Configuration

Error: RIO Inventory Product External ID Auto Fill Set to Product Code, but no Product Code

Error: One or more Product have Insufficient Stock


Error: Insufficient Access to Update Opportunity

Error: Editing Custom Setting from Subscriber Org through LMO

Error: Updating RIO Inventory Configuration – Classic



Partner FAQs


Do you have a partner referral program?




If you are having issues please contact our support team via email at:


Please specify:

  1. Your Contact Details
  2. The Product you are using, ie RIO Inventory
  3. The problem, attach a screenshot of the error
  4. Your version of Salesforce, ie Developer, Professional, Enterprise – it cannot be a trial edition of Salesforce

Request New Features

We’re always looking to add to RIO Inventory, so please let us know by contacting us via email at:

Tutorial Videos

Tutorial videos are available to watch on Wistia.


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