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RIO Inventory is Suspended


WDCi uses the Salesforce Appexchange Checkout to manage RIO Inventory licensing and renewals.


When your renewal is pending, Salesforce will send a reminder email to the email address that is on file with your credit card.


See how to update billing details if you have incorrect credit card details on file.


The process works as follows:

  • A reminder email is sent to the email address on file in the Appexchange Checkout for RIO Inventory
  • On the due date, the credit card on file is charged
  • If it fails, several more attempts will occur
  • After 3 failed attempts, the subscription/license will be inactive and RIO Inventory will no longer work and you will receive an error stating RIO Inventory is suspended.
  • If you navigate to the Appexchange, login and go to My Account | RIO Inventory you will see this:




If you have found yourself in this situation, you need to do this:

  • Login to the Appexchange
  • Navigate to My Account | RIO Inventory
  • Click on Buy Now and enter your correct email and credit card details
    • Be sure to select Upgrade for all users
  • You will enter a new trial period, at the end of that trial period your credit card will be charged
  • Your Invoice will be available under View Payment History


The process will install the latest release into your Salesforce organisation.

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