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How do I configure Allow Backorders on ALL Opportunities?

We’ve noticed that Salesforce users are not allowed to change the default value of checkboxes that belong to a managed package (i.e RIO Inventory package). This is a Salesforce limitation, but users can create a simple Workflow Rule as a workaround.


The following steps outline how to create a workflow rule in Salesforce to update the checkbox – Allow Backorders to True whenever a new Opportunity record is created.

1. Login to your Salesforce instance as an Administrator.

2. Click the gear icon at the top of the right corner and select Setup.

3. Insert keyword “Workflow Rules” in the Quick Find textbox. Click on the Workflow Rules.

4. Click Continue, then click the “New Rule” button to create a new workflow.

5. Select the object to which this workflow rule applies (Example: Opportunity).

6. Insert the required information as below:

    • Rule Name: Update Allow Backorders
    • Evaluate the rule when a record is: Created
    • Rule Criteria – Opportunity: Created Date Not Equal to [Empty]

Note: We used this criteria to make sure the checkbox is updated to true whenever a new opportunity is created. You may change the criteria based on your use case.

7. Click the “Save & Next” button.

8. Click “Add Workflow Action” and select New Field Update.

9. Insert the required information as below:

    • Name: Update Allow Backorders True
    • Unique Name: Update_Allow_Backorders_True
    • Field to Update: Opportunity.Allow Backorders
    • Checkbox Options: True

10. Click “Save” and “Done”.

11. Now you just need to activate the workflow by clicking on the “Active” button.


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