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Upgrading to Version 3.2

Upgrading to version 3.2 from any version prior to version 3.1 – “Unassigned quantity for one or more Opportunity Products on this Opportunity”


Issue Description:

The version 3.2 upgrade includes changes to the source code that are involved in the validation of assigned products associated with an Opportunity. The code is designed to make sure that Non-Inventory products assigned to an Opportunity are excluded from assignment validations as their stock levels don’t change and shouldn’t be included.



If you’re RIO Inventory was on a version prior to 3.1 before upgrading, and you had Opportunities with Non-Inventory items assigned to them, then the new calculations would cause an error stating “Error: Unable to Comply, There is the unassigned quantity for one or more Opportunity Products on this Opportunity”. This was due to the Non-Inventory item previously adding its count to the total products. Now that you have upgraded, that item has been excluded from the validation but is still appearing in the total of products.



To update the total number of Opportunity products to the correct amount behind the scenes, you simply need to remove the Non-Inventory item/s, save the Opportunity, and then re-add the items again and save it.

Then you should be able to proceed as needed. If you can’t delete the Non-Inventory items from the Opportunity, then you may need to delete both the Inventory Item and the Inventory Assignment for those Opportunity Products first.

Explained below, the best way to do that is to open them both up on separate tabs and then delete them at the same time, because once you delete one it makes it harder to find the other one.


From the Opportunity Products…for each line item:

  • click on the product label (in the product column) to open the Opportunity Product screen
  • click on the inventory item link i.e. IIN-00653 (open in a NEW TAB)
  • from this new tab, click on the Inventory Assignment link i.e. INVE-654 (open in NEW TAB)
  • you should now have 2 new tabs open (Inventory item & Inventory Assignment)
  • Click DELETE on both of these records (any order, doesn’t matter)
  • repeat for each non-inventory line item as necessary
  • finally, delete each actual Non-Inventory product from the opportunity and re-add them, saving as necessary.


Below are two screenshots of one possible location where you would see the error:

  • While trying to update the Stage of an Opportunity
  • While adjusting the assignment of Products to an Opportunity and the total number of Products assigned is incorrect


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