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Using Data Loader to Update Warehouse Inventory Quantity


The best way to update Warehouse Inventory with Data Loader is to go through the Warehouse Transaction object. This will ensure that all RIO Inventory logic is followed.


For first time users of Data Loader, it is an application that is used in Salesforce for bulk importing and exporting of data. Data Loader is available in Enterprise, Performance, Unlimited, Developer and editions, as well as Classic and Lightning Experience.


To explore more about Salesforce Data Loader, click here – and 



Here’s how to perform bulk updates of Warehouse Inventory using Data Loader:

1. Using Data Loader, choose Insert.




2. After logging in, choose the Inventory Transaction object and your .csv file.




3. Map the fields – The only fields you will normally need are

  • Warehouse Location
  • Product
  • Quantity
  • Message
  • Overwrite

You can map them like this:




Note: readymade_inv_Product_c and readymade_inv_Warehouse_Location_c are unique values assigned by Salesforce.


To retrieve the IDs, it is available from the browser URL, see below image for example.





Regardless of Lightning/Classic platform, the ID will be available from the browser URL. The ID retrieval is the same across all records.

Alternatively, you can export your data from SF which you will then have the IDs to match to.


4. Choose where to save the log file, and Finish.

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