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Which Users Need a License?


You will need to buy and assign licenses for any users who will use RIO Inventory.


People who will need a license include users who:

  • Configure RIO Inventory
  • Access, read or manage RIO Inventory objects (eg. Warehouse Locations, Warehouse Inventory, etc.)
  • Access, read or manage Opportunities for inventory-managed products.
    • Inventory-managed products are products that are assigned from warehouses, and whose total quantity will be tracked.
    • Non-Inventory Products do not count as inventory-managed products.
  • View and create RIO Inventory related Dashboards or Reports


Non-Inventory Products

While running RIO Inventory, products that do not require inventory level tracking (Quantity On Hand) are identified by ticking the checkbox indicated below:

This will indicate to the system that this product is a non inventory item.



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