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How It Works



RIO Inventory is designed around a simple multi warehouse model.


You will continue to use Opportunities, Products and Pricebooks in Salesforce, each Product has new attributes associated with them to track inventory. The use of Opportunities is key to RIO Inventory as the Opportunity Probability %ages determine the status of inventory levels for your Products.



Rio Inventory and Opportunities


  1. When Products are added to an Opportunity, RIO Inventory creates a series of new records to track the inventory process. First it creates an assignment record between the Product, and the Default Warehouse Location for that Product.  In a multi-warehouse setup, the user has the ability to re-assign from other locations that have inventory on hand.

2. When the Opportunity reaches the Opportunity Probability %age to commit, the Qty on Hand for the related Products is decremented.

Rio Inventory and Inventory Adjustments


Inventory Adjustment functionality is available to allow you to:

  • Add Inventory to a Location
  • Transfer inventory between locations
  • Update the count of inventory at a location
  • Manage and update batch(s) and serial numbers of inventory
  • Assemble and Disassemble Kits


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