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Assignment Opportunity


Inventory Assignment: On Opportunity 


When you set up the page layouts you will have added a section on Opportunity called Warehouse Inventory to view and manage inventory assignments. In that section, there is a Visualforce page that displays and allows you to edit assignment of your Opportunity Products.


1. Warehouse Inventory Visualforce page:

Displays an overview of all the Inventory assignment(s) for Opportunity Product(s) related to this Opportunity.

Key definitions:

  • Product – The Product from the list of Opportunity Products.
  • Warehouse – The Warehouse for this Assigned Product. A Warehouse will be assigned depending on Default Warehouse Location Configuration setting.
  • Batch/Serial Number – Batch or a Serial number of the assigned Product if the Product selected for Opportunity Product is a Batch/Serial type Product.
  • Assigned – Indicates the quantity of the product in the displayed Warehouse that has been assigned to this Opportunity. NOTE: Click on this field for a quick link to edit the assignment.
  • Status – A quick colour indicator to show stock available (green) low (Orange) or not enough stock (red) to satisfy this opportunity.
  • WH on Hand – The quantity of product physically available in the displayed warehouse.
  • WH Reserved – Reserved product in the displayed warehouse for all open Opportunities that have reached the Opportunity – Probability % to Reserve.
  • WH Available – WH on Hand minus WH Reserved.


2. Products related list:

Key definitions:

  • Inventory Status – The amount of physically available product in all warehouses. The status displayed to represent the status after deducting the amount in Opportunity Product.
  • Inventory Availability –The amount of Inventory available at all locations.


Coloured flags indicate the state of stock availability:

  • Green – Sufficient Inventory exists to fulfil this Opportunity
  • Orange – The assigned amount will bring the inventory below the specified threshold
  • Red – Insufficient Inventory available for this Opportunity


“Allow Backorder” – Check this to allow an Opportunity to proceed to Opportunity – Probability % to Commit if Inventory assigned is greater than quantity On hand for a product. IE. you do not have enough inventory to fulfil the Opportunity.


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Performing an Inventory Assignment   

To reach the Inventory Assignment Screen, select the Opportunities tab > Select an Opportunity record > Select Details and scroll to the bottom to view. Warehouse Inventory record appears after Product is added to Opportunity Product.




When the assignment screen is displayed for a Product, it will display all the locations that hold inventory for that product and the user can populate in the assigned box how many to assign from each warehouse.


Important notes:

  • There will be indications and warnings if not all the items are assigned.
  • The Quantity assigned cannot be adjusted after the Opportunity has reached the Probability % to commit.
  • It can be adjusted if the Opportunity probability is decreased to below the value set in the configuration tab. 


IA 2


  • The system will not allow the user to assign more units of the product from the warehouses (in total) than the amount assigned to the Opportunity Product itself.
  • It is possible to assign less total quantity for all the warehouses shown in the Opportunity Product Inventory Allocation page than the Quantity allocated for the Opportunity Product.
  • Those not yet assigned to any particular warehouse are NOT considered for Inventory calculations.


Opportunities that have reached ‘committed stage’:

  • Cannot be deleted
  • The Opportunity Product(s) cannot be deleted


Note: Inventory Assignment works a little different for Batch and Serial Products: Click here for more Information  



For RIO Inventory Tutorials: Click Here



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