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Cost Tracking Reports


Reports can be made to show the Average Cost by Warehouse Location. To set up your report you first need to create a Custom Report Type. Once this Custom Report Type has been created, you can reuse this to create multiple reports on Cost Tracking as needed.


Simply navigate to Setup and find Report Types, and Click “New Custom Report Type”




Choose “Warehouse Inventory” as the ‘Primary Object’, and fill in the required fields.

Change ‘Deployment Status’ to “Deployed” and click “Next”




Click “Save”




Once saved, you will automatically appear on the below page. Click “Edit Layout”




And click “Add fields related via lookup”



This is where you will select the “Product Code” and “Product Name”, and any other fields that you wish to include in your report for Average Cost Tracking.

Once you have selected the required fields, press “Ok”

You will then be able to view the fields that were just added to the table, and click “Save”




Now that your Custom Report Type has been created, you’re ready to create your Cost Tracking reports with a formula to calculate the Average Stock Warehouse Cost.


From the App Launcher, select ‘Reports’ and click “New Report”





Search for and Select the new Report Type you created and click “Create”





From here, you can easily personalise the filters to show what is required for your business and drag-and-drop the fields into the reporting table


CTR 10
CTR 11


If you’d like to create a summary by grouping, such as Warehouse Location, choose “Summary Format” from the report type dropdown menu, and then you can drag-and-drop ‘Warehouse Location’ in place to create grouping.


CTR 12


In the side navigation bar, select ‘Add Formula’.


Label the ‘Column Name’ “Total Average Stock” and choose “Number” as the ‘Format’ and “2” for the ‘Decimal Places’.


CTR 13


From the “Summary Fields’, choose “WH on Hand” and select “Sum”

From the ‘Operators’, choose * (To multiply)

From the ‘Summart Fields’, choose “Average Unit Cost” and select “Sum”

The formula should read

“readymade_inv__Inventory__c.readymade_inv__Qty_on_Hand__c:SUM * readymade_inv__Inventory__c.readymade_inv__Average_Unit_Cost__c:SUM”. This will then calculate the Total Average Stock Cost for each Warehouse. Once you’re happy with the formulas click “OK”


CTR 14


Once the report has been created, you can choose which chart you would like to display the results. Click on the Pie icon, and choose the preferred chart and attributes.


When you’re done, click ‘Edit’ and “Save”.


CTR 15

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