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Dispatch Notes


RIO Inventory comes with the ability to generate Dispatch Notes from Opportunities when:

1. Use Dispatch Note is enabled in RIO Inventory Configuration

2. The Opportunity reaches the Opportunity – Probability % to generate Dispatch Note levels set during RIO Inventory Configuration

3. The Warehouse Inventory is assigned to the Opportunity Product


Using Dispatch Note

1. Navigate to Opportunities and increase your stage level to be above the Opportunity – Probability % to generate Dispatch Note

2. Dispatch Note will automatically generate Dispatch Note records for every Warehouse Location once the stage is updated in Opportunities 




3. Select the Dispatch Note and from the drop-down menu select Create Picking Slip generate the Picking Slips




4. In the Related tab, under Notes & Attachments is the generated Dispatch Note and Products appear under Dispatch Items.



Example of Dispatch Note



To configure a custom logo for dispatch notes click here.





Dispatch Inventory from an Opportunity record:


1. Select the Dispatch Note record from Dispatch Notes in the Opportunity 



2. Click on Dispatch Inventory from the dropdown menu to find the Dispatch Note.



3. Dispatch Inventory gives you the ability to either partially or completely dispatch the order by selecting the appropriate “QTY TO DISPATCH”. Partially completed orders will also create a new ‘Pending’ Dispatch note, automatically generated from the remaining inventory quantity. If the Inventory is available in another Warehouse Location, RIO Inventory offers the ability to split the Inventory for dispatch from other Warehouse Locations.


4. For Batched Products, the batch number will automatically allocate. For Serial Products, you have the ability to manually insert the serial number.

(Note: Once the Dispatch Note has been generated, Serial Numbers will update in Inventory Adjustment on the Opportunity)


Example of Batch Number Dispatch 

Example of Serial Number Dispatch 

DN 10


5. Once “QTY TO DISPATCH” has been adjusted as per Dispatch Note, Click on the Dispatch button (Note: this will update the Dispatch Note’s status from ‘Pending’ to ‘Dispatched’). RIO Inventory will advise if Successful.


DN 11


6. The dispatched inventory can be reviewed by, selecting the Dispatch Note record > Related Tab > View All under Dispatch Items. 




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