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RIO Inventory release 4.2 introduces functionality to allow Products to be created, assigned and managed as Kits.


Note: Serial Products are not supported in Kits. 


If you have upgraded to 4.2 and want to use Kit functionality, then you will need to ensure your Page Layouts reflect the newly available fields and related lists.


When specifying a Product as a Kit Product you have these options:

  • Combo Product –  This Kit Product is comprised of 1 or more Products defined in the Kit Components related list
    • A Camera Package contains the camera body and 2 lenses.
    • A Drum Kit contains different types of drums, cymbals, drumsticks and brushes etc.
  • Assembled Kit – This Kit Product is the same as a Combo Kit but is designed to be used for manufacturing, the difference is that when assembling or disassembling you can overwrite the quantities of the Kit Component Products.
    • Chocolate Chip Cookies contains a list of Products as ingredients.
    • When I assembled this Product I used more chocolate chips so I need to override the quantity configured for this Kit.


To configure a Product as a Kit, navigate to the Product:

  •  Edit the Product field Kit Type and select Combo Product or Assembled Product.
    • If you don’t see Kit Type, you need to expose it in your page layout.
  • Create a Product record for each Component required for the Kit and add the product as a kit component to the kit, under the related tab.


Tip: Remember all Product Inventory levels are managed through the Inventory Adjustment feature.



To add Kit Components to the Combo Product Kit click on RELATED and scroll down to ‘Kit Components’.  If you don’t see the related list Kit Components, then you will need to expose that in the Page Layout.


Specify the:

  • Base Product – Already populated with your Combo Product
  • Component Product – The Product(s) that belong to the Kit
  • Quantity – Number of this Component Product required in the Kit


Assemble Kits – Using Inventory Adjustment


This functionality will increment the Inventory On Hand of the Kit Item and decrement the Inventory On Hand the quantity of each of the Kit Components used in the assembly.


To Assemble a Kit, go to the ‘Inventory Adjustment tab’ and select ‘Assemble Kits’

K 4

  • Select the Warehouse
  • Search Product by either ‘Product Name’ or ‘Product SKU’, press enter.
  • Kit components will appear and allow you to add a quantity and comment (optional).


When you enter the quantity of the Main Item “Propane Hose” RIO Inventory will automatically calculate the quantity of each Kit Component required.

If your Kit is of type Combo Product then you will not be able to edit the Kit Component quantities manually on this screen.

If your Kit is of type Assembled Product then you will be able to adjust individual Kit component quantities.

  • This feature is designed to cater for the variable nature of assembled items, such as wastage.


For RIO Inventory Tutorials: Click Here



Disassemble Kits 


To Disassemble a Kit will increment the On Hand of the Kit Components Inventory. In the ‘Inventory Adjustment’ tab, select ‘Disassemble Kits’.

  • Select the Warehouse
  • Search Product by either ‘Product Name’ or ‘Product SKU’, press enter.
  • Kit components will appear and allow you to add a quantity and press enter (Quantity will auto-fill all kit components).



View of disassembling a Combo Kit


View of disassembling an Assembled kit – Quantity for Kit Components is editable.



For RIO Inventory Tutorials: Click Here



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