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Warehouse Inventory


The Warehouse Inventory records show the below details of each Product at the Warehouse Location:


You do not need to do anything on this page. It is provided for reference only


  • Use this information to check Product Inventory status per Warehouse Location.
  • Note that the Product page will list the total On Hand, Reserved and Available quantities for the Product from all Warehouse Locations.
  • Only products available at that specific Warehouse Location will be shown on its Warehouse Inventory page.
  • There will be multiple Warehouse Inventory record for multiple Batch and Serial products for one Warehouse Location.


In the example above there is 3 Inventory Product in Stock at 3 different Warehouse Locations e.g Sydney, Sunshine Coast and New York.  This view in Warehouse Location will show you the On Hand Quantity for each product at the Warehouse Location.


Sample Warehouse Inventory view under a Warehouse Location:



In the related list above it shows where inventory has been assigned to a transaction and the stage it is at.

Stages are:

  • Assigned – this is prior to the Sales Invoice being posted (Qty will still be included in Warehouse On Hand count)
  • Committed – This is after the sales Invoice is posted (Qty is deducted from Warehouse On Hand count)


Note: Warehouse Inventory works a little different for Batch and Serial Products:

  • For batch products, there is a record for each Batch, and the Batch Number and any expiry dates etc are shown.
  • For Serialised products, there is a record for each Individual product and the serial number is shown.


Note: Warehouse Inventory works a little different for Batch and Serial Products. Click Here for More Information

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