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Warehouse Locations

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A warehouse location can refer to an entire warehouse or to a specific location in a warehouse. You can create as many locations as needed. If you are using location to refer to the entire warehouse, then you can leave the Area and Zone information blank.
If you need more granular location details such as rack or bin locations etc you can add custom fields to the warehouse location record and enter those there.


To create your Warehouse you will need to be in the “Warehouse Locations” tab and select New.


Create Warehouse Location


Follow the steps below to create a new Warehouse Location.


1. In RIO Inventory application, go the Warehouse Locations Tab > Select New.


2. Enter the Warehouse Location Name (This is the name of this warehouse location E.g Queensland) and Zone + Area (This is optional and used if the location is a specific Zone or Area in a warehouse).


3. Enter Warehouse Location Code. Ensure that the Warehouse Location Code is a unique ID for this location that can be used for data loading from files or integration platforms. For example, Warehouse Location Code could be SC QLD for Sunshine Coast Queensland, NQ for North Queensland etc.


4. Enter Warehouse Code which is used to identify the Warehouse e.g Queensland.


The screenshot below shows the Warehouse Location set up to include Zone and Area.

WL 3

Tip: To create multiple Warehouse Locations select Save & New button.

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