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New Features

  • Enhancements to Serial product usability (Please see our documentation for more information)
  • Enable Batching of Serial products
    • Serials are now determined by the Serial checkbox on the Product layout (Serial checkbox needs to be placed in existing layouts)
    • Disable the Serial pick-list value in “Batch/Serial Type” field
  • Introducing Dispatch Notes and Dispatch Picking Slips (can be enabled and configured through the configuration screen)
    • Once Dispatch Notes are enabled, it will auto-generate Dispatch Notes at configured %age
  • Auto-allocation of stocks to low-stock Opportunity products upon Inventory adjustment (can be enabled via configuration screen)
  • Ability to use Custom Logos on Picking slips (configuration option to specify image name from static resources)


Bug Fixes

  • Fix for adding Opportunity line items by community users
  • Adding products to Opportunity won’t create Inventory with empty Batch
  • New unique external Id fields have been added (If you are using any data-loader scripts we advise you to adjust them as per below old->new field mapping)


Object: readymade_inv__Inventory_Item__c

readymade_inv__Opportunity_Product_Id__c -> readymade_inv__Opportunity_Product_Id2__c

Object: readymade_inv__Inventory_Allocation_Entry__c

readymade_inv__Inventory_Allocation_Entry_Id__c -> readymade_inv__Inventory_Allocation_Id2__c

Object: readymade_inv__Inventory__c

readymade_inv__Inventory_ID__c -> readymade_inv__Inventory_ID2__c


Note: Product data will be upgraded asynchronously and automatically during the upgrade. An email will be generated if it finds some erroneous data, and please contact WDCi support in such case.

Please refer here if you are upgrading to 4.6 from a previous version.

Miscellaneous Changes

  • Added Ship to Account field on Opportunity (Existing customers need to manually add this field to their layout)
  • Added enhancements to RIO Inventory to use app in Person Accounts enabled orgs
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