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Auto Re-Assign ‘Back Order’ Opportunity


By default when you add Products to an Opportunity, RIO Inventory completes auto-assignment based on the selected configuration options during setup (e.g. First In First Out, Smallest Batch Size, etc.).


For Batch Products with insufficient Inventory to assign to Product Quantity, RIO Inventory creates a RESERVED Batch Inventory to assign products from. When this happens you will notice the Warehouse Inventory Information section receiving Batch called ‘RESERVED’.


Feature turned ON

When performing an Inventory Adjustment, RIO Inventory will transfer previously assigned RESERVED batch quantities to new batches.

This will remove RESERVED batch from Opportunity product Inventory Assignments, and create entries for newly substituted batches.


Please note that Opportunity must be in a Reserved stage or higher for RIO Inventory to update Opportunity product assignments.


RIO Inventory will re-assign RESERVED Batch Assignments in Opportunities based on below priority,

  1. Closed Won Opportunities (earliest closed dates considered first)
  2. Reserved Stage Opportunities


Feature turned OFF

RIO Inventory will not auto-assign quantities to RESERVED Batches, and users need to revisit them after Inventory Adjustments are done.


Note: This feature will impact on Batch Products.

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