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Use Case 3: Managing Non Inventory Items


Other than selling musical instruments, John also provides music lesson. John is tracking these lessons in Salesforce but he do not want them to be included as an inventoried product.


For example, John has a lesson to conduct at Queensland Musical Theatre, let’s take a look at how John uses RIO Inventory on this Opportunity.


Step 1: John create Piano Lesson as a non-inventoried product

1. Click on the arrow next to product tab

2. Create a new product from + New Product


TF 3.1


3. Create the product as per below screenshot:


TF 3.2


4. Add price for Piano Lesson

5. Save


TF 3.3
TF 3.4

Step 2: John has 2 new students joining his Piano Lesson

  1. From Sample Data tab, click on Opportunity name Use Case 3.


TF 3.5



2. Add ‘Piano Lesson’ as an Opportunity Product
3. Save


TF 3.6
TF 3.7



You will notice that no products will be added to the Warehouse Inventory section. This is because Piano Lesson is a non inventoried product and RIO Inventory will not perform any action towards this product.


TF 3.8

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