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Use Case 4: Batch Assignment

John has a few items of stock that have been in Inventory for some time. John would like to ensure that older stock goes out first.

He would also like to make sure that his packaging team are aware of which items to pack first.

Step 1: John Needs to Ensure Batch Feature is Turned On

1. Click on RIO Inventory Configuration tab

2. Make sure that Enable Batch and Serial Control is checked.



For John’s use case, he has chosen First In First Out assignment method because he likes to clear off older stock in the warehouse first.


Step 2: John adding the batch product to an Opportunity

1. From Sample Data tab, click into the Opportunity name Use Case 4

WB 2


2. Add 4x Reeds to the Opportunity Product

WB 3
WB 4


3. Notice that the system will select Product from BG-010101 (older stock) first before selecting the rest from BG-020202 (newer stock)

WB 5

Step 3: Reserve the Assignment


  1. Edit the product line item and change quantity from 4 to 20

WB 7


2. Save the changes.

Notice how RIO Inventory has the ability to assign all of the available quantity. The remaining stock will be marked as reserved items until available to assign.

WB 8


3. Add new stock to inventory

WB 9

Step 4: Reassignment

This is how you can reassign new stock to the Opportunity when new stocks are available.

1. In Opportunity, click on the assigned quantity

WB 10
WB 11


2. Saving will update the assignment

WB 12

Note: When Opportunity has a probability above the Reserved %, Auto Assignment will be available.


Meaning if the Opportunity stage/probability is above the ‘Probability % to Reserve‘ set on the configuration page, RIO Inventory will automatically assign new stock to the Opportunity when there are available stocks.

WB 13

Step 5: John generates picking slips for warehouse picking


  1. Ensure you have enabled Use Dispatch Note and Opportunity – Probability % to generate Dispatch Note on the RIO Inventory configuration page.

WB 14


2. Using Opportunity Use Case 4, change the stage to – Id. Decision Makers (60%) and refresh the page

3. Once saved the Opportunity will generate a dispatch note.

WB 15

4. Click on ‘Generate Picking Slip’

5. Refresh the page and you will find picking slip generated under Notes & Attachment or Files.

WB 16

Note: To change the logo on the picking slip, you can do so by following below steps:

1. Add your logo to Static Resource (Setup > Quick Find > Static Resources)

2. Once you have created a Static Resource for your logo, copy the name of the Static Resource.

3. Go to the RIO Inventory Configuration page and paste the name on the ‘Custom Logo Static Resource Name’ section

WB 18


4. Once Custom Logo Static Resource Name has been changed, you can re-generate the picking slip again to see the logo changes.

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