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Use Case 5: Combo Kit

John wants to bring in a new line of products that feature the fastest moving components assembled as combo kits, for a special price! In Salesforce, he has assembled multiple Inventory products to form a kit and added to a Warehouse Location.


Step 1: John reviews the Combo Kit that has been set-up.


1. From Sample Data tab,  click into a product name  Drum Set

2. On the Details tab, John ensure that this product is being setup as a Combo Product

WB 19


3. Under Related tab, add new Kit Components.

WB 20


4. Select Drums & Quantity 1


5. Save & New

WB 21

Repeat the steps above to add another product name Amplifier


6. Click on Inventory Adjustment tab and choose Assemble Kits

7. Proceed to assemble combo product as per below screenshot:

WB 22

Step 2: John wants to sell 3 Drum Sets to Global Music Store

  1. In the Sample Data tab, look for an Opportunity name Use Case 5

WB 23


2. Add 3 Drum Sets to the Opportunity Product

WB 24


3. Once saved, RIO Inventory will auto allocate stock to the Opportunity as shown below

WB 25

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