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Use Case 6: Managing Serial Products

John is introducing a new program that allows musical schools to rent out his Tubas Horns. For his records, John wants to be able to know which horn is being rented by which school. The best way for John to track this is via the unique serial number on each Tubas Horn.

Let’s see how John can use RIO Inventory on this case.


Step 1: John Needs to Ensure Serial Feature is Turned On


1. Click on RIO Inventory Configuration tab

2. Make sure that Enable Batch and Serial Control is checked.

3. Also, make sure that Track Serial Products as Asset is checked too

wb 26

Step 2: John Inputs Serial Number for 1 new Tubas Horn



1. From the Sample Data tab, select theĀ Tubas Horn product

wb 27


2. Click on Inventory Adjustment button

3. Key in below information

4. Save

wb 28

Step 3: Renting a Tubas Horn to Kelly’s Music School


1. From Sample Data tab, click on Use Case 6 Opportunity

wb 29


2. Add 1 Tubas Horn to Opportunity Product
3. Save

wb 30
wb 31


Note: RIO Inventory will not auto assign a serial number to the Opportunity line item. Users will have to manually allocate the serial number to the Opportunity.

wb 32
wb 33


4. Once you have assigned serial numbers, below is how your Opportunity will look like.

wb 34


5. Edit the Opportunity and change the Opportunity stage to Closed Won

6. Save

7. Click on Kelly’s Music School

wb 36


8. On the Account, Assets are automatically attached to the Account.

wb 35

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