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Using Trialforce to Test


This section of the documentation explains the pre-configured setup in the Trialforce org available from the Appexchange.



How to get a Trialforce Salesforce Org


In the Appexchange listing, click on Get it Now and choose “Continue as Guest”, complete the details and Salesforce will email you a login link.  When you log in you will have a configured Salesforce environment that supports the following use cases.


TF 1

TF 2

TF 3

Use Cases

John owns a music store in Australia and he sells different kinds of musical instruments to his customers, in addition, John’s music store also provides music lessons.

John has a warehouse in New South Wales where he keeps all of his musical instrument stock.

The below use cases will demonstrate how John uses RIO Inventory in Salesforce to manage his inventory.

Note: Switch to RIO Inventory in the Lightning app launcher for better navigation.


See these pages for an explanation of the following features:

Use Case 1: Multi Warehouse Management

Use Case 2: Insufficient Stock with Backorder

Use Case 3: Managing Non Inventory Item

Use Case 4: Batch Assignment

Use Case 5: Combo Kit

Use Case 6: Managing Serial Products

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