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RIO Plan is a planning tool you can use it to create Plans for Staff Rosters, Room Bookings and other related activities and view the Plans through a visual interface called the Planner.

Using a browser or Salesforce mobile interface you can plan for staff and resource movements.

Staff will be able to see upcoming allocations and bookings on the go.

The standard RIO Plan functionality includes:

  • Staff scheduling functions
  • Auto-allocation capabilities
  • Activity management and Time Tracking
  • Multi-Location support
  • Mobile Interface
  • Lightning-enabled


Introducing RIO Functions

Welcome to RIO Plan Functions Extension for Salesforce. What is RIO Functions? It is an extension to transform the RIO Plan app into a Functions Management App. Complete the installations steps and see how RIO Functions can propel your business forward.




The following links will show how to create several plans, a Staff Roster, Room Booking and Home Visits.

Staff Roster


Room Booking


Home Visit



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